Hydrogen bonding research paper

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Most students of chemistry quickly learn to relate the structure of a molecule to its general properties. Thus we generally expect small molecules to form gases or liquids, and large ones to exist as solids under ordinary conditions. And then we come to H 2 O, and are shocked to find that many of the predictions are way off, and that water and by implication, life itself should not even exist on our planet! In this section we will learn why this tiny combination of three nuclei and ten electrons possesses special properties that make it unique among the more than 15 million chemical species we presently know. In water, each hydrogen nucleus is covalently bound to the central oxygen atom by a pair of electrons that are shared between them.

Ultrafast hydrogen bond dynamics of liquid water revealed by THz-induced Kerr effect

Ultrafast hydrogen bond dynamics of liquid water revealed by THz-induced Kerr effect

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Hydrogen Bonds in Biology

This is an updated version of our Chemical Bonding module. For the previous version, please go here. Life on Earth depends on water — we need water to drink, bathe, cool ourselves off on a hot summer day Figure 1. In fact, evidence suggests that life on Earth began in the water, more specifically in the ocean, which has a combination of water and salts , most prominently common table salt — sodium chloride. But where do water and these common salts appear on the great organizer of the elements , the periodic table?
A hydrogen bond often informally abbreviated H-bond is a primarily electrostatic force of attraction between a hydrogen H atom which is covalently bound to a more electronegative atom or group, particularly the second-row elements nitrogen N , oxygen O , or fluorine F —the hydrogen bond donor Dn —and another electronegative atom bearing a lone pair of electrons—the hydrogen bond acceptor Ac. Hydrogen bonds can be intermolecular occurring between separate molecules or intramolecular occurring among parts of the same molecule. This type of bond can occur in inorganic molecules such as water and in organic molecules like DNA and proteins.
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