Guaranteed basic income essay

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The working poor are working people whose incomes fall below a given poverty line due to low-income jobs and low familial household income. These are people who spend at least 27 weeks in a year working or looking for employment, but remain under the poverty threshold. In the US, the official measurement of the working poor is controversial. Many social scientists argue that the official measurements used do not provide a comprehensive overview of the number of working poor. There is also controversy surrounding ways that the working poor can be helped.

The pros and cons of universal basic income

Universal Basic Income Vs Subsidy - Essay for UPSC Preparation

Traditional non-cash income programs tend to have work requirements , and, as recently as , there has been a new push by Republicans for even more. The lack of these requirements differentiates UBI, and is a key reason why Yang believes it will have a revolutionary impact on the US economy. To thoroughly understand the Freedom Dividend proposal and the effects of UBIs in general, it is crucial to look at arguments on each side of the discussion, and analyze their applicability the context of past economic experiments. The most convincing argument relies on the predicted effects of automation on US jobs within the coming decades. Drivers alone account for 3. These jobs are predicted to soon be replaced with fewer, high-skill programming positions as the push for autonomous driving grows in the US. Yang argues that the Freedom Dividend will become a necessary and crucial part of society throughout this period of automation and transformation.

Universal Basic Income - Student Essay

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